This machine has a requirement of less of 60 second per piece including the pocket assembly.
 This machine do a roll fold for a Curtain (Rail Roof) Air Bag. And uses 3 servo motion to do it under specifications.
This was a very successful machine. The first machine was build on 2004 and today the customer still have it on full production with any modifications, the program is GMT900.
We build in total 4 identical machines for the same product.


This machine has the capability to simulate the key and turn it to all the required positions (OFF, START, RUN, ACCESSORIES) and measure on each the required torque and the resistor value of electric circuit.
 Also test the safety device for the steering wheel lock when the key lock does not have a key.
The additional test is the key remainder mechanism and switch.


This was the first prototype for star fold of a Passenger Side Air bag for TRW at America. It was very successful over all production life.
 This station was made with low budget and design for very low maintenance and easy disassemble for fast diagnostics.
We also develop before this machine all the star folders for Driver Side Airbag for TRW at Chihuahua.


This station was made to fix an assembly issue on a airbag cover for driver side product. The operator can not put the air bag inside easily.
 This was a very low budget station and increase the production flow line four times after it introduction.


The following station was designed to measure de thickness of a side impact air bag module.
 The machine test the upper and lower profile dimension to assure the module thickness not exceed the limits and record the values with the barcode and the data. The measurement elements was two laser high resolution displacement sensors.
 The station was build with a flat panel computer (touch screen) and RSView 32 software. Also includes the SLC-500 5/05 with ethernet comunication and Robocylinder Servomotor


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